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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Top Ten Authors I've Read The Most Books From

Top Ten Authors I've Read The Most Books From

1. Robin Jones Gunn (29 books)

Robin is first mainly because of all the Christy Miller/Sierra Jensen/Katie Weldon novels. I've read most of them. :) 

2. Karen Kingsbury (24 books)
I flew through her Baxter books -- all of the series. Was disappointed with the Bailey Flanigan ones and haven't read any new ones since. Probably will someday, though. 

3. Steven James (23 books)
I've read every one of his suspense books, including the two YA ones, and I've read the Patrick Bowers series multiple times, which is why the total books is 23 :) LOVE that series!
4. Terri Blackstock (23 books)
Lots of great books. Have a new one I've been meaning to read, too :)

5. Ted Dekker (21 books)
 I've read most of his earlier books and some of his latest ones. Always are intriguing reads.

6. Brandilyn Collins (19 books)
One of my favorite authors. Great suspense reads!

7. Susan May Warren (19 books)
Another fav author!

 8. Mindy Starns Clark (15 books)
Haven't read many, if any, of her recent novels, but I loved the older suspense ones!

9. Colleen Coble (14 books)
Yet another favorite author. I loved her Rock Harbor series (especially #4, Abomination)!

10. Lisa T. Bergren (13 books)
Lastly, the author of probably my favorite YA series -- River of Time. I love her books and can't believe I haven't finished the Homeward trilogy yet....soon! :)

That's my Top Ten. Please share your list in a comment below. :)


  1. You've read 21 Ted Dekker books??? I thought I was his biggest fan!!!

  2. I haven't read any of these authors. I think the only one I've heard of is Ted Dekker.

    My list

  3. Robin's on my list of authors I OWN the most from.

  4. I have not read any of these authors. This needs to be fixed.

    Megan @ http://readingawaythedays.blogspot.co.uk

  5. I've read several of these authors and some make my top 10 also. :) I'm glad I'm not the only one who was disenchanted with the Bailey series from Karen Kingsbury. :p My top 10 include several that I've been reading since I was in my teens! My top ten are:

    1. Grace Livingston Hill- 40+
    2. Lori Wick - 35
    3. Janette Oke - 34
    4. Karen Kingsbury - 22
    5. Lauraine Snelling - 22
    6. Lisa T. Bergren - 21 (River of Time is an all-time favorite of mine also!)
    7. George McDonald/Michael Phillips - 20
    8. L.M. Montgomery - 18
    9. Nancy Moser - 15
    10. Susan May Warren - 15

    And I have to give honorable mention to Louis Lamour ...lol. I read a LOT of his books in my teens and early 20's. He's probably close up there with GLH. I just couldn't get an accurate count because I couldn't remember all the titles. :D

  6. I love Terri Blackstock and Colleen Coble! In fact, when I did this topic for TTT, Colleen was at the top of my list :) My TTT

  7. Lisa and Susan, both wonderful authors to be sure! I put something like this together a while ago and I think Dee Henderson and Janette Oke were likely on my list. :)


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