Thursday, March 1, 2018

Monthly Reflections ~ February 2018

Monthly Reflections, where we take the time to reflect on the previous month.

How I Did With My February Goals:
  • Read 1 Nonfiction
  • Read 4 books from my Winter TBR Pile.
  • Read 3 Love Inspired books
  • Finish The Staff and the Sword series (books 2&3)
  • Increase my NetGalley score by at least 2%.
I failed all of them. I think a mixture of a reading slump and the Olympics resulted in me reading so little. I'm gonna push myself in March to do better!

Books Read In February:

  1. The Rancher's Temporary Engagement by Stacy Henrie
  2. Let It Snow by Yvonne Lehman 
  3. A Brother's Bond by Lee Tobin McClain
Favorite Read of the Month: 

Not a whole lot of options, but still The Rancher's Temporary Engagement by Stacy Henrie was my favorite read. It's the only one I loved this month!

Some Books I Added to My TBR Pile This Month:

-Get NetGalley ratio to 65%
  • Dropped 1%, now at 53%. This is what a reading slump does. I didn't read anything to compensate for the few I added to my shelf. :(
-Finish at least 12 nonfiction books (hopefully 1 each month).
  •  0/12
-Finish at least 5 series.
  •  2/5
-Finish at least 20 Love Inspired books.
  • 2/20
Finished 4 out of the 12 books so far. 

My Goals for March:
  • Read 1 Nonfiction
  • Read the remaining 8 books from my Winter TBR Pile.
  • Increase my NetGalley score by at least 2%.

Now it's your turn! What did you accomplish in February, what do you hope to accomplish in March?

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  1. Hey! You're doing alright with your goals. At least you have a much better score on NetGalley that I do. :) My goal is to be at 50% by the end of the year. *blush*

    Also, I have 2 more books to finish for your Seasonal TBR challenge. I'm making it there, and I hope you will too!

    1. You can do it! Little by little and that NetGalley score goes up. ;) The hardest part (at least I think so) is not requesting every book that sounds good. *sighs*

      You are doing amazing with the Seasonal TBR challenge! Way to go!


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