Friday, July 29, 2011

Book Blogger Hop: 7/29-8/1

Book Blogger Hop

Book Blogger Hop is a weekly event hosted by

This weeks question is - “Highlight one book you have received this week (for review, from the library, purchased at the store, etc.) that you can’t wait to dig into!”

My answer: So far, I haven't received any books this week, therefore I will pick a book that I'm supposed to get soon - 'Heiress' by Susan May Warren. I can hardly wait to read this! :)


  1. I’ve seen a lot of interesting shirts on the different blogs. With the non-stop coverage of debt ceiling doomsday I’ve got to show you the t-shirt that describes me to a tee – at least this week! Follow me back to my blog and prepare to fall out of your chair laughing –

    We’ve just gotta laugh, right? Life’s too short after all!

    Thank God it’s Follow Friday!

    Howard Sherman

  2. I did not receive this book this week, but I had planned to have it completed by end of today - and I am not going to make it!! And it is an excellent book!! Life keeps interrupting my reading!!

    "The Wisdom to Know the Difference" by Eileen Flanagan

    Happy Friday!

  3. I have so many books I am waiting to read! Hope you get to yours soon. Blog Hop & Follow Friday!

  4. I've posted a picture of an adorable baby pickle. It's an illustration from the book I'm highlighting. Please come see what book I'm reading!

  5. I loved this week’s question! I’ve made so many friends in the book blog world and am really impressed with so many blogs it was hard to hunker down and make a choice.

    But I did it! I’m shining the spotlight on a Jersey girl! Hop on over to my blog at to find out who she is and discover her amazing book blog.

    Howard Sherman, Implementor


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