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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review: Flirting with the Forbidden by Steven James

Flirting with the Forbidden by Steven James
Revell / 2012

About the book:

In our fallen world, temptation is normal. We run into it every day and we all are susceptible to falling victim to its enticements. We're tempted to cheat on our taxes, milk the clock, lust after someone other than our spouse, dishonor our parents, lie to our friends, covet our neighbor's trip to Europe. But just because we must live with temptation doesn't mean we have to let it master us.

In Flirting with the Forbidden, bestselling author Steven James reminds readers that we are always just one step away from bowing to temptation, that we all share the same potential and propensity for evil. Combining powerful first-person narratives from Scripture with thought-provoking reflections on temptation, discipleship, and grace, James helps readers grow in discernment and reliance on the Holy Spirit and develop a deeper, more intimate walk with Christ.

My rating:
My thoughts:

At first I wasn't sure how much I would like Flirting with the Forbidden, I've read Steven James' fiction series - The Patrick Bowers Files - but this is the first non-fiction book of his I've read and I ended up loving it.

I really liked the stories at the beginning of the chapters (except for when they seemed to put words in Jesus' mouth) and even learned some things I had never thought about before - like how Pilate's wife sent Pilate a note before Jesus was crucified. (Matthew 27:19).

Overall Flirting with the Forbidden was a great non-fiction book that I enjoyed reading! :)

*I got this book on Amazon Kindle when it was free and was not required to review it. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.*


  1. It really is a very important issue. We as believers are faced with this daily. Many non believers thinks that we are born with a halo but we are not. The word is practical and gives us guide lines to overcome. When we follow them we are more then a conqueror.

  2. Many believers do struggle with temptations although they would not admit it. Practical teachings is necessary to equip us so that we can grow as Sons of God. Many non believers think believers are born with a halo on the head but we are not. We are more vulnerable, but we can overcome.


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