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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Interview & Giveaway! Travis Thrasher ~ Author of Solitary!!

Welcome to Christian Bookshelf Reviews, Travis!! Will you tell us a little about yourself?

I live in a suburb of Chicago with my wife and our three daughters (five years old and 20-month-old twins). I've been a fulltime writer for over four and a half years. Fortunate to be able to do what I love doing every day!

What is Solitary about?

A junior in high school named Chris Buckley moves with his mother to a small and creepy town called Solitary, North Carolina. He falls for the wrong girl. That's his first mistake. First of many. It's a four-book series.

What is something the average reader wouldn't know about you? 

That I'm actually quite funny in real life. (If they judged strictly on my books, they might think I'm a dark, melancholy soul).

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

In third grade.

How many books have you written/published and do you have a favorite?

I've had over twenty books published (I've written a lot more). My favorites are Sky Blue, Ghostwriter, 40, and The Solitary Tales.

What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

Oh, I have many writing quirks. I try everything out. I'm not sure if this is a quirk, but I love italics and use them often.

Where do you like to write?

I have an office and that's where I write. I love writing there. But to be honest, there's no bad place to write. Planes are great to write on. You're stuck there in a seat for a while, so why not use that time?

That is so true! What do you like to do when you're not writing?

I'm a big music and movie fan. I've come to realize those influence my writing more than other writers and books. Since having the twins, we haven't seen as many movies as we'd like to. I love seeing movies or going to concerts. Or just hanging around with the family.

Is there a place you’d like to visit, but haven’t yet?

Good question. I grew up in places like Germany and Australia, so I want to go back to those places because I didn't fully appreciate them when I was young. I'd love to visit Aruba because it's been about since 2004 that my wife and I took a real vacation together!

Do you have a favorite song and/or movie?

Are you kidding? Just one? No way. But one favorite song is One by U2. It's such a perfect song. One favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption. 

What is your favorite dessert?

Probably a warm brownie with nuts and ice cream.

Do you have a favorite Bible verse? 

One of them is Luke 23:43. When Jesus tells the thief on the cross "Today you will be with me in paradise."

Thought I'd ask a few this-or-that questions:

Snowstorms or Thunderstorms?

Snowstorms in June. Thunderstorms in January.

Tea or Coffee?

Sweet iced tea and Dunkin Donuts coffee.

CD's or LP's?

I still buy cds sometimes. One day I'm going to start collecting LPs.

Early-bird or Night-owl?


Cats or Dogs?

Dogs are wonderful. Cats are evil.

Are you currently working on any new novels? If so, could you give us a hint?

Are you kidding? Is a toddler messy? Are twins a lot of work? Yes, always working on something new. Right now (as of May 2012) I'm working on a project that is my version of The Hunger Games (not kidding). Also working on another collaboration that is a beautiful love story.

That sounds like it's going to be a great book! Thanks so much for being here! Is there anything else you’d like to tell readers and where can we find you on the web? 

Thanks for having me. It's hard NOT to find me on the web! :) My website (www.travisthrasher.com) has links to my Facebook and Twitter pages. I love interacting with fans and readers. Thanks for your time!

Book Giveaway!

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You can read my review of Solitary here.

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  1. Great interview! I haven't read any of Travis Thrasher's books yet but I really want to! Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. I've read Ghost Writer and loved it, so I would love to try another book by Travis Thrasher.

    1. I've read Ghostwriter, too! :) Thanks for entering the giveaway!

  3. I always love getting the chance to learn more about authors and their books! That said, nice interview! I had been wondering what kind of stories Mr. Thrasher (awesome name btw) wrote, and now I'll be sure to point his books out to my customers at the bookstore where I work at because he, and his stories, sound quite interesting. Looking forward to adding The Solitary Tales to my TBR pile! =)

    1. Glad you liked the interview!! Thanks for entering the giveaway, Sarah!

  4. Great interview! Sounds really good, thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Solitary is really good! (I read it last year) Thanks for entering the giveaway!! :-)

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    Would love to win!!


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  15. "The Next Target" contains a lot of information on the Muslim religion? Congratulations to the author for including it. There seems to be such prejudice these days against Muslims. I think it's primarily because we know little about the religion. People probably won't expend extra energy just to find out, either. This way, anyone who reads this book will gain a lot of insight. Great idea!

  16. A side of Travis we don't always get in an intervie; fun to read.

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