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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Interview & Giveaway! Virginia Carmichael ~ Author of All the Blue of Heaven!

Welcome to Christian Bookshelf Reviews, Virginia! What is your book, All The Blue of Heaven, about? 

Eight years ago, Allie Hathaway scandalized the wealthy elite of Chicago when she ran away to San Francisco. Now a world-renowned portrait painter, her life is filled with laughter and friendship, including being a mother to her orphaned niece. Life is perfect, so why can’t she forget her first love?

Thomas Bradford has come a long way from being the Hathaway family’s carriage boy. A veterinary degree, ambition and hard work have made him one of Chicago’s most sought-after bachelors. If only he could forget those stolen moments with Allie, Thomas might be able to enjoy his success.

The Great Quake of 1906 stuns the nation and Allie’s art studio burns to the ground, destroying years of valuable work. She’s forced to return to Chicago with little Janey, the only spark of hope in a life reduced to ashes. Her faith is crushed by her tragic reversal of fortune.

Thomas knows better than to fall for the beautiful young painter again, but he’s never been very wise around Allie Hathaway.

The carriage man’s son is all grown up and Allie doesn’t expect a second chance at a love that was refused eight years ago. Her life is in shambles and she has a child to support, so why won’t her heart accept the truth?

Once their love was torn apart by circumstance, but Thomas and Allie must decide whether to forge a future of hope together.

What is something the average reader wouldn't know about you? 

I have six kids under 13 and our house is a ZOO!

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? 

I always loved to read, but around 2009 I got an idea for a story and just had to write it out.

How many books have you written/published and do you have a favorite? 

I'm finishing my 7th and my favorite is always the one I JUST WROTE. :D But I do love 'Pride, Prejudice, and Cheese Grits'. It's my ugly baby nobody loved.

What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk? 

Hm. Writing quirk? I write in the wee smalls because I have to have silence. So I usually write between midnight and 3.

Where do you like to write? 

At my desk. I don't like change. Every now and then I go to the library but it feels odd.

What is the best and/or worst part about being a writer? 

Best? I get to tell my story! Worst? I don't really have co-workers to bring me chocolate cake on my birthday!

What do you like to do when you're not writing? 

I really love to paint, refurbish old furniture, and read, read, read.

What is your favorite genre to read and why?

I read everything, truly. But I gravitate toward books with romance and history. A story just doesn't feel complete to me without a bit of romance. I think historicals appeal to me because I always learn something new.

Is there a place you’d like to visit, but haven’t yet? 

Oh boy! many, many places! I'd love to see Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, the fjords of Norway. Hm, those all sound very cold. But I know a warmer climate means BUGS and I don't really care for large insects.

Do you have a favorite Bible verse? 

I have a few but one I love is
Romans 8:38-39

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[a] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Do you have a favorite song and/or movie? 

I love historicals, like Mrs. Gaskells North and South. I think I must have watched that movie twenty times!

What is your favorite holiday? 

Christmas! You can't help but love Christmas.

A few this-or-that questions:

Snowstorms or Thunderstorms?  Thunderstorms.
Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla
Tea or Coffee? Coffee
Call or Text? hm. I don't like either one. maybe e-mail?
Early-bird or Night-owl? night owl
Facebook or Twitter? I still don't get twitter. Where is the rest of it??

Are you currently working on any new novels? If so, could you give us a hint? 

yes! the second book of the Colors of Faith series will be out this fall, called 'Pockets Full of Gold'. It's titled after this poem, I'd Love To Be a Fairy's Child by Robert Graves:

Children born of fairy stock
Never need for shirt or frock,
Never want for food or fire,
Always get their heart's desire:
Jingle pockets full of gold,
Marry when they're seven years old.
Every fairy child may keep
Two strong ponies and ten sheep;
All have houses, each his own,
Built of brick or granite stone;
They live on cherries, they run wild—
I'd love to be a Fairy's child.

The heroine of this story has grown up without much materially and emotionally, so she's really starting out from a place of dreams and impossible wishes. Of course, she has to become strong enough to take charge of her own life, rather than just wish it better. God's grace gets her there, but it's a painful road. Our hero has had everything he ever wanted, but never felt at home after his parents died and he went to live with distant relatives. These two find their way, together.

Thank you so much for being here! Is there anything else you’d like to tell readers and where can we find you on the web?

Thank you for having me! I love this blog! Readers can find me at my author page https://www.facebook.com/VirginiaCarmichaelAuthor?ref=hl or at my contemporary series page https://www.facebook.com/PridePrejudiceAndCheeseGrits?ref=hl or at our cyber cooking blog at http://yankeebellecafe.blogspot.com/ on Wednesdays!


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    1. Close...you're second! :) I hadn't published the comments yet. Glad you liked the interview! :)

  3. this sounds like a nice book I'd love to win and I love the cover.

  4. Thanks for having Virginia today.....I am a big fan of hers through Seekerville! I am so anxious to read her new book (and some others I missed). She is a delightful person.
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    Jackie Smith

  5. Sounds like a great book! Love the cover its beautiful! :)

  6. This book looks really good to me and I love the cover. Thank you for the chance to win it.

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  10. How are you able to find the time (or peace and quiet to think) to write a book with 6 kids under age 13! I could use some advice and I only have 2.

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  12. Enjoyed the interview! The book sounds great. Thank you for as sharing with us.
    Barbara Thompson

  13. Love the storyline & hoping I win the book!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


  14. All The Blue of Heaven sounds wonderful.Please enter me in contest.Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  15. Enter me this book looks great!!
    Sharon Richmond

  16. Virginia writes great books!

  17. Hi Kandra! I love your name. :D Thanks for stopping in!

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  19. Aww.... Hi Jackie!! *waves with both arms* Thanks for stopping by!

  20. Thank you, Lisa! I made the first cover myself and it was... awful. It still sold well, which tells me people CAN look past a bad cover. But I do love this one much better. I think she looks just like she's sitting for a portrait...

  21. Hi Angela! Thanks for stopping in and good luck!

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  24. Lol, Melanie! You're good for my ego. And I have your address, you know. ;)

  25. Hi Emi!!

    I write in the middle of the night. :) Every now and then I get some time during a park visit, but my oldest is 13. I pay her $5 an hour to play with the little guys and I sit on a bench.

    I bet your little people are smaller, right?

  26. Hi Linda! Thanks for stopping by and will do!

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  29. This looks great! Love that cover, too ; ) I always wonder if the author has any life experience that they put into their books? Thanks for sharing with us and Thanks for the giveaway!
    mestith at gmail dot com

  30. I love both the title and cover, has to be a GREAT book! Thank you for the chance to win it.


  31. I have never read any of your books. Would love to win and review this and then share it with someone
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  32. All of the Blue Heaven sounds like a great romantic story. Thanks for a chance to win it!
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  35. Hi Meghan!! I do love to paint, but I couldn't paint a portrait to save my life. I mostly do flowers or trees. I know, BORING!
    And I've never been in a fire, but when I lived I San Francisco there were a lot of earthquakes. I still wake up some nights thinking the room is shaking, but that doesn't happen in Oregon!

  36. Hi Wendy! Thanks for stopping in and good luck on the giveaway!

  37. Hi squiresj! Thanks for giving my book a try and good luck on the giveaway!

  38. Hi Merry! I hope you like it and thanks for coming by!

  39. Hi Beth! It's from on of my very favorite childhood poems by Oliver Wendell Holmes (A Rhymed Lesson: Urania)

    Children of wealth or want, to each is given
    One spot of green, and all the blue of heaven!
    Enough if these their outward shows impart;
    The rest is thine- scenery of the heart.

    Those four lines made me think of how wealth can hide the most beautiful heart or the darkest mind, and poverty is the same. It's only when we truly look at each other through God's eyes that we see each other as we are meant to be: His children.

  40. Hi Kay!! I do sleep... sometimes! I sleep in on Saturday morning and I try to schedule my writin a few days in a row, then early bedtime for a few days, so I don't get too crabby. Crabby mommy is a bad thing!!

  41. I would love to win the book for my daughter who is fond of historicals....sounds like a great book. Thnks for the chance to win it!


  42. sounds like a great read, I don't have a kindle, I would need hard copy

  43. Hi Susieq! My sister's name is Susie. :) Thanks for stopping by and good luck on the giveaway!

  44. Hi Carolyn! *pssst* I don't have a Kindle either! I downloaded the Kindle app for my computer, so I can just read books on it, but I don't have the handheld Kindle. The download program was free on Amazon. (They want us to read digital books!)

    Honestly, I prefer paper, too. I only get Kindle books when I can't get it in paper. Good luck on the giveaway!

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    I think I'll wander over to Goodreads and add it to my to read list.


  46. I like to read historical novels and this one sounds like a good read.
    I had 5 kids in 6 1/2 years and so my reads were mainly magazines and late at noght, I would read quick read books. I would have never thought of writing a book and give you a lot of credit.
    I will add to my TBR list.
    Thanks for adding the facebook and blog sites.

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  51. "... a place of dreams and impossible wishes"
    So thankful the Lord takes us beyond where we could ever hope or dream with His possibilities! We indeed have pockets full of gold! Treasures beyond measure.

    I would love to win a print copy of All the Blue of Heaven. Returning to first love would be a treasure.
    Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  52. I would love to win a print copy to read and review. Will always love my first and true love Jesus and my DH Mark.
    Linda Finn ~ Faithful Acres Homestead


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