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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Top Ten Bookish Things I'm Thankful For

Top Ten Bookish Things I'm Thankful For

I haven't done a Top Ten Tuesday post in a while, but after seeing the topic this week on Abbi's blog, Christian Novels, I decided this would be a great post to do - what with Thanksgiving being this Thursday. :)

In no particular order, here are the top ten bookish things I'm thankful for:

1. Goodreads.com ~ This is such a great site to keep track of what I'm reading and connect with fellow readers. :)
2. Kindle ~ This makes it easy for me to read eBooks and I love my Kindle! 
3. The Library ~ I love how I can read books from here that I otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity/money to read.
4. Review books ~ For the same reasons as #3. 
5. Audiobooks ~ I've been reading a lot more audiobooks recently and love them! It's so convenient to just pop on my headphones and listen to a book when I otherwise wouldn't have had the time to sit and read.
6. Blogging Friends ~ I'm "met" many fellow bloggers/readers since starting this blog and love chatting and sharing books with them. :) So fun!
7. Friendly authors ~ I love when an author takes the time to reply to an email and/or chat on social media. I understand authors have busy schedules, so it's extra special when they take the time to respond back. :)
8. Inexpensive/Used books ~ For the obvious reasons. I'm able to purchase some of my all-time favorite books, which I otherwise wouldn't be able to afford.
9. Series ~ For letting readers get more stories with the same characters. :)
10. Giveaways ~ It's always fun to win a much anticipated book and/or book related thing.

That's my top ten. What's yours?


  1. Great list and so these are all things I am grateful for as well. I have to admit to never having listened to an audio-book though, may have to give them a try sometime. My TTT.


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