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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Remembering 2013 (Last Minute Read-A-Thon)

Hosted by Vonnie's Reading Corner & A Night's Dream Of Books

Today's challenge is to answer the following questions:

1. Best Book of 2013
2. Worst Book of 2013
3. Favorite New Author
4. Book that surprised you
5. Book that disappointed you

Here are my answers: 

Best Book of 2013

I couldn't just pick one...I've read 170+ books this year and 13 made my favorites shelf. I decided to go with these two as the best books of 2013 because they were just phenomenal!

Worst Book of 2013

This book was boring and had content I didn't like (i.e. swearing). I ended up having nothing positive to say about it, which rarely happens.

Favorite New Author

I LOVED her debut novel, Made To Last, (and I'm not even a huge contemporary romance reader). I cannot wait to read Here To Stay next year! :D

Book that surprised me

This book really surprised me. It consisted of mostly letters, which was unique and very interesting! I thought it was a wonderful read!

Book that disappointed me

After being captivated by Divergent and Insurgent (seriously, they each took me only a day to finish!), I was excited to read Allegiant. Sadly, I didn't like this book all that much. It was very boring and it seemed like nothing much happened in the story until the end. I think one of the only reasons I was able to finish it was because I was listening to an audiobook copy - when I tried to read a print copy, I couldn't tell the difference between Tris's and Four's POV. 


  1. I loved your "best books" too-great choices! And Melissa was one of my picks for fav new author (I picked two)! Dear Mr. Knightley was definitely surprising but in such a great way!! Sorry to hear that Allegiant wasn't that great!! I haven't read it yet since I'm waiting to reread the first two!

    1. Thanks, Abbi! I hope you enjoy Allegiant when you read it. I thought parts were good, but overall it was just an okay read.

  2. I haven't read any of these books, but want to read Courting Morrow Little, Made to Last, Dear Mr. Knightley, and Allegiant (even though you didn't enjoy it, and that makes me not want to read it as much, I have to finish out the series).

    1. I hope you enjoy the books when you read them! :)

  3. Great picks, Melanie! When A Secret Kills is on my list of best books of 2013 too! :D

    I just got Made To Last for Christmas, can't wait to start it. I think it'll be one of first reads to start off the New Year

    1. Oooh!!! So happy that you got Made To Last for Christmas! I really hope you love it. :D

  4. Dang!!! 170+ books?! How do you do it?

    1. I'm a fast reader and typically read instead of watching television (except when my hockey team is playing - try to always watch that!). :)

  5. You know, most of these books are entirely new to me, except for "Allegiant". It's too bad you didn't like it..... I have "Divergent", but haven't read it. I want to read it, of course, and go on to the next two. Don't know when I'll get to them, though....so many books....

    The other books are indeed new to me. I really must try to read more Christian fiction! Too much mainstream fiction contains a lot of profanity (including even the "F" bomb!), and I hate that! As for romance novels, they frequently have graphic sex scenes.

    I really enjoyed reading Melody Carlson's Christmas novellas, and want to read more of her work. I'm also a Lisa Bergren fan, by the way. I've read two of the books in her River of Time series -- "Waterfall" and "Cascade", and LOVE them!! So I need to continue with this series.

    I do love paranormal romance, though I prefer to read it as YA fiction. The adult fiction in this genre can be objectionable at times. Of course, I'm a huge Twilight Saga fan....

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, and thanks for sharing these books!! : )

    1. I'm a huge fan of Lisa Bergren's River of Time series! I absolutely loved Waterfall, Cascade, Torrent, and Bourne & Tributary! I can hardly wait to read Deluge when it releases! :D Such a great series!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Agree with your pick of "Courting Morrow Little" for top book. (I've read it 3 or 4 times.) It is in my Top 10 favorite fiction of all time and I think it will stay there. I just moved "Made to Last" closer to the top of my TBR stack! Contemporary is not my first choice, but I always appreciate a trusted recommendation of a good read.

    1. I love Laura Frantz's books and Courting Morrow Little is definitely a great one! Glad it's one of your top favorite fiction reads. :)

      I hope you enjoy Made To Last when you read it. Contemporary isn't my first choice to read either, but I've been trying to read more as there are some great ones. :)

  7. 170+ books! That's amazing. Thanks for all your support to authors!

    And thanks SO much for including Made to Last. Sooooo glad you liked it. :)

    Happy almost New Year!


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