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Saturday, February 6, 2016

5-Year Blogoversary Celebration! Day 6 | Interview with Nadine Brandes & Giveaway!

Welcome to Christian Bookshelf Reviews, Nadine! Will you share a little about yourself and your latest book? Why thank you, Melanie! And congratulations on your Blogoversary!! *squeal* I can shower you in confetti or cookies…your choice. ;-)


I’m a booknerd and a dork. We’ll start with that. My favorite hobby is adventuring and I’ve been writing adventure novels since I could hold a pen. My latest book that released is A Time to Speak, the second book in my dystopian trilogy (book 3 releases this fall! Eee!) It’s the story about a world where everyone knows the day they’re going to die and my main character has only a year left to make something of her life.

Hubby is my fellow adventurer and brainstormer. He and I live in Idaho with no pets, no kids (aside from the 20+ teens who come play games with us every Friday.), and a lot of snow.

What do you hope readers come away with after reading your newest story?
Oh man. This is my favorite book of the series, so I could talk a long time (but I won’t…) I hope readers come away inspired to be bold! It’s totally scary to step up and be bold or make a stand, but it’s so worth it when you’re standing for Christ and being an example of shalom. *deep breath*
We are all meant for something great, because God doesn’t write mediocre or bland stories. But it’s up to us to pursue that greatness and He’ll lead us. Parvin (my main character) finally does this in A Time to Speak and she rocks it. :P (In my opinion.)

Do you find it more fun to write stand-alones or series? 
I’ve never written a standalone, but I’m in the process of plotting one and I really like it. I love reading standalone because I feel like they pack a much stronger punch than books in a series. So…I’ll try my hand at a standalone and let you know! All I’m sure of so far is that series are really hard to write.

Who are some of your favorite authors whose books have never disappointed you?
Marissa Meyer! If you haven’t read The Lunar Chronicles do it now! They’re phenomenal. Also Jill Williamson, though I haven’t read everything she’s written. But I’ve read most of it and every book is so unique and perfectly developed. My favorite series is the Blood of Kings Trilogy. Lastly, I love Rae Carson’s writing. It’s tight, it’s clean, and it’s very unique.

What's the last thing you celebrated, not including birthdays or holidays?
Well, my jaw is still on the floor for this one, but my debut novel A Time to Die won the ACFW Carol Award. It was a big deal—full-length gown, banquet, speech and everything. Phew! The nerves! (Don’t worry, I had my inhaler with me. :P ) So my entire family basically drowned me in celebrations. It was such an enormous honor and I still tear up at the thought.
I can’t even.

Were you an avid reader as a child? If so, what was your favorite book growing up?

Yes! Though I had trouble finding the types of books I liked. When I was growing up, YA was just starting and Christian fantasy and sci-fi wasn’t a huge genre either, so I really had to search. But my favorite books growing up were Harry Potter. (Is that too cliche?) The first book came out when I was about 11, so I was Harry’s age for a while. He became a friend as I traversed the waters of awkward Jr. High and I fell in love with fantasy thanks to those books.

Do you have any card/board games that you like to play? 
Oh do I? I married a gamer, so he introduced me to all the goodies: Settlers of Catan (FAVORITE)! Stone Age, 7 Wonders, Ticket to Ride, etc. We’ve recently fallen in love with a silly small game called Hey! That’s my Fish! It’s delightful. I also enjoy card games and chess. :)

Some this-or-that questions:

Snowstorms or Thunderstorms? 
SNOW! My rule is…if it’s snowing, I must write. No matter the busyness or my to-do list or lack of inspiration. Snow - writing and chai and fuzzy socks and a fire and…am I getting carried away?
Brownies or Cookies?
Ooh, tough one. If the brownies are gooey enough then brownies. :)
Call or Text? 
Probably text.
Early-bird or Night-owl? 
Afternoon robin? Is that an option? I LOVE mornings, but due to some health issues I can rarely wake up early without being ill. *sigh* But afternoons are when I thrive. :)
Introvert or Extrovert?
Right smack dab in the middle, thank you! But I think I’m growing more extroverted by the day. Hopefully in a non-intimidating way. I just adore people and being real.
Facebook or Twitter? 
Tough one! I’m slowly growing more inclined to Twitter, but for now it’s still Facebook. (Though I think I let my dork out more often on Twitter.)
Mystery or Romance?
I’m not a huge reader of either of these genres…unless it’s a mystery in a fantasy world, or a romance on another planet? :P *not-so-subtly avoids the question*

Are you currently working on any new novels? If so, could you give us a hint? 
Why yes! I’m currently working on a standalone and here are my hints: fantasy, labyrinth, assassin.

Thank you so much for being here! Is there anything else you’d like to tell readers and where can we find you on the web?
You can find me pretty much anywhere! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (my new fav!) and of course my website. If readers sign up for my newsletter that’s where all the hints and goodies get dropped.

Thank you so much for having me and I’m excited to connect with everyone in the comments! So here’s a question:
What’s YOUR preference? Early-bird or Night-owl (or afternoon robin!) and why?


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  1. I'm more of a night owl these days, though I'm trying to get back to being an early bird (like I was when I was in school). I like working when everything is quiet.

  2. Night Owl . . . once I am there, I just can't seem to get out of that bed in the morning. I would love to win A Time To Speak, either book really, for my son. He loves this genre and he so needs to be inspired to be bold.

  3. I'm a total night-owl! But there are some moments I want to get up early, get things done, and enjoy my night-owl time with my books! =) Annie JC

  4. I'm a night owl that can go into the early bird hours, lol. This series sounds very interesting. I have enjoyed this interview with Nadine. I'd want to start with the first book.

  5. This book sounds absolutely brilliant! And I enjoyed reading your interview as well! :)

  6. Oh & I am most definitely a Night Owl! My nickname is Mouse, and like owls, we prefer to explore at night! ;)

  7. I'm an early bird as I get up to get my husband out of the house for work. Thanks for an awesome interview!

  8. Nadine! Eek! So happy to see you here! And fantabulous interview! :)

    I have always been a early bird, although I will admit that lately my habit of reading books before bed is not helping me get up early. :) Anyways, it is never easy to get up early at first (especially in the winter when it's dark outside), but I am ALWAYS glad when I do. My brain works better in the morning, I think, and I also feel more motivated and have more energy to accomplish things. I grew up as a homeschooler, and so the time of day that school "let out" was entirely up to me and was based on how fast I could get my work done. That pushed me to get up early and get school done and over with so I could have the rest of the day for whatever I wanted. For me, the hours between 6:00 and 10:00 a.m. were the "golden hours." I always felt like I could get double the work accomplished in that time period as I could at any other time of the day, and I think that still applies to me today. And if for any reason I had to tackle an algebra lesson after 3:00 in the afternoon, just forget about that! :)

  9. Afternoon.. I'm a good 10:00 to 4:00 person :)

  10. I have always been an early to bed, early to rise person until lately. Now I stay up late and sleep late.

  11. Hi! Great interview. I used to be a night owl, but then I had kids and that really changed things. Now I'm neither fully functional as a early bird or a night owl or an afternoon robin for that matter. Ha!

  12. SQUEEEE!!!! Nadine is in the house...uh hmmm on the blog! I am an early riser. I always have been.

  13. I think many voracious readers are night owls. For some reason, a great book can keep me awake, but I can fall asleep in front of an equally great movie. It's a rare occurrence that a movie is ever as great as a book. :)

  14. I alternate between being an early bird or a night owl. I prefer early bird. It always takes me longer to get going in the mornings. I need that quiet time.

  15. I'm a night owl by nature, but I have to go to bed early so that I can function at work.

  16. I am a bit of a early-bird and a night-owl. It depends on the day. If I go to bed at a somewhat decent time I usually get up pretty early. If I stay up way too late, not so much. :)

  17. I'm more of a night owl by nature but I try to balance it out so I'm not tired all day long. Thanks

  18. I seem to be the most productive in the morning. Sometimes need an afternoon nappie!

  19. Definitely early bird. I am always at my best and am most productive early in the morning.

  20. I am not a morning person! My husband is, though!

  21. I'm a night owl - always have been! lol

  22. Early bird and night owl, ah love these books.

  23. Definitely, I am a night owl!!! I can stay awake all day and still be active at night, reading especially!!! My brain is alert, in fact, sometimes I wish it weren't!!! Thank so much for this opportunity to win!!!

  24. I am definitely a night owl for sure! Sometimes I can't stand it, because I get tired, and late at night, my eyes want to close while I am reading! But I like it, because it is nice and quiet, nobody to bother me!!! The kids are all asleep!!!


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