Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Book Blogger Hop: What are the next five books in your TBR (to-be-read) pile?

Book Blogger Hop

This week's question is:

What are the next five books in your TBR (to-be-read) pile? And, don’t worry, you can change your mind and read something different – we won’t check! :)

My answer:

This list is definitely subject to change... but here is what I think are the next five books I'll read (not including the book I'm currently reading - Stardust by Carla Stewart).

Gone to Ground: A Novel

1. Gone to Ground by Brandliyn Collins

2. An Uncommon Grace by Serena B. Miller

3. Loving by Karen Kingsbury

4. Intervention by Terri Blackstock

5. 40: a Novel by Travis Thrasher

So there you have it... the five books I plan on reading next. What books do you plan on reading soon??


  1. Wow, good book list Mel!
    I'm currently reviewing Swipe, but here's what I hope to read next :)
    1. Reviewing The Enchanted Attic by Samson
    2. Reviewing Her Best Catch by Peterson
    (and just because)
    3. The Land of Darkness by Lakin
    4. Torn Heart by Gibbs
    5. The Grimoire: Lichgates by Boyce
    we'll see how that works, enjoy your books Mel :)

    1. I haven't heard of most of those! Thanks for sharing your list, Kara! :)

  2. Well as long as you promise you won't check... LOL. I might post this tomorrow.

    1. LOL! I won't check! Just saw your post! :)

  3. My list includes...
    5 Miles South of Peculiar
    Traveler's Rest
    Shallow Rock
    Rose of Winslow Street

    I've read the first two books in B

    1. Oh! I've heard "Baroness" and "Rose of Winslow Street" are great books! Enjoy!! :)

  4. Oops, hit the wrong button, as I was saying I've read the first two books in the Intervention series, both were very good.

    1. LOL :) I'm glad you enjoyed them! I hope they are great - I love suspense books! :)

  5. I'm curious to see what you think of "Loving." It seems everyone has really strong feelings about it one way or the other.

    As soon as I finish Not This Time by Vicki Hinze, I *think* I'll read ...
    1. A Love Forbidden by Kathleen Morgan
    2. The Ride of Her Life by Lorna Seilstad
    3. Trauma Plan by Candace Calvert
    4. After All by Deborah Raney
    5. Reckless Heart by Amy Clipston

    1. Okay, I admit it - I've read spoiler reviews for Loving and I am kinda dreading it... I am so glad that the series is over!! :(

      Oh!! Your list is great! I want to read A Love Forbidden, Trauma Plan, and possibly others on your list! :) Thanks for sharing!


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