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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Waterfall Wednesdays (Week 2)

1. Gabi's search for her sister is made increasingly difficult by the fight for territory between Castello Forelli and Castello Paratore. At this point, do you think the rivalry is warranted? Why or why not?

I don't think I had an opinion about that yet (at least I don't recall that). But having read the series, I think it's sad how their families used to be close, but now there are non-stop wars.

2. Gabi aids Fortino by having his sickroom cleaned out and using steam to loosen the phlegm inside his lungs so he could breathe better. Have you ever found yourself in a situation that required you to rely on home remedies to aid yourself or another? What are some of your favorite home remedies?

I think natural and home remedies are great and I probably have had to use some before, but I can't think of any specific remedies.

3. Marcello and his men don't hide their surprise when they learn that Gabi is skilled with a sword. What did you think of this development? Has your initial impression of Gabi changed? Do you have any secret skills?

I love that she wields a sword! It is very cool and different. Secret skills? Not that I can think of...

4. "Our lips were so close, I could feel the heat of his breath on my skin." Gabi and Marcello's feelings for one another are beginning to stir. What do you think of Marcello as a romantic interest thus far? What do you think of his intended?

Of course I already like Marcello! He seems like a Prince Charming. I didn't particularly like Lady Rossi (especially knowing what I now know).

5. Marcello and Luca take turns teaching Gabi the dances of Toscana. Would you have liked to attend a ball like the one Gabi was practicing for? Do you like to dance? Do you know any cool dance moves? Extra (not really) points if you YouTube yourself dancing and share the video. Come on, it will be fun! :)

    I don't know how to dance, but I think it would be fun (especially Ballroom/Renaissance & Medieval dances).


    1. Sweet!! That makes two of us!! I have no home remedies either...woot woot...

      Thanks for joining in this week..:D

    2. I love that Gabi is so skilled with a sword. She's such a fierce, kick-butt, take no prisoners type of girl.

    3. Marcello is like a real Prince Charming. He is so formal yet everything he said had me swooning! I think Ballroom dancing would be fun too! :)

      Thanks for your answers this week, Melanie.

    4. Marcello DOES make a striking Prince Charming! :-D

      And I totally agree. Knowing what I know about Lady Rossi...I can't like her, no matter her redeeming qualities.

    5. I just picked up Cascade and Torrent so I don't know what the outcome is. I know for a fact that I can't stand Lady Rossi! Marcello is a perfect Prince Charming!

    6. I totally agree with you on the dances! Ballroom, renaissance and medieval ones would be awesome to learn! :)

    7. Thanks for weighing in again on this week's answers, Melanie! See you next week!


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