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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Waterfall Wednesdays (Week 4)


1. Gabi and Lia both face several life and death situations in these chapters, having to pick up weapons in defense of those they love and experiencing first hand the brutality of close combat. If you had the choice between picking up a weapon and standing on the front lines or staying behind to tend to the wounded as necessary, which would you choose?

That is a tough question. I really don't know for sure, but I would like to think that I would fight to defend others.

2. Both girls get to wear extraordinary gowns to their victory celebration; what would your dream medieval gown look like?

It would be a long, gold, red, or blue gown with a ribbon/band around the waist and fabric that shimmers in the light.

3. Gabi has crude stitches put in and must endure both their removal as well as the cauterization of the wound. How is your threshold for pain? Do you think you would have simply gritted your teeth as Gabi does?

I like to think that I'm good with tolerating pain, but I probably would have cried. Though, of course, I don't know for sure.

4. Marcello wants to properly court Gabi after they express mutual feelings of affection, wanting to speak with her mother about his intentions. What do you think is the most romantic aspect of medieval courtship?

I don't know. All of it. Especially how the men act like such gentlemen.

5. Gabi and Lia find themselves with conflicting desires toward the end with Lia wanting to return home and Gabi hoping to stay. Do you think that Gabi is being unfair to Lia for wanting to stay, or is Lia being unfair to Gabi for demanding they go? A little of both?

Definitely a little of both. I see Gabi's point - she's found love, but I also see Lia's point - her friends, her life is back home.


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  1. I know I would have cried if I had to get stitches like Gabi. Copious amounts of tears. There would be no stopping them until I passed out:) Thanks for participating in Waterfall Wednesdays Melanie!

  2. I think I'm becoming partial to the blue and red gowns myself. Although I am still sticking to my leggings and tunic answer! lol!

  3. LOL- Im with you...I cry if I get a splinter, so my pain level is at Neg. 0....

    Thanks for joining in this week..;)

  4. I want a dress with fabric that shimmers in the night. That sounds so gorgeous!

  5. Red and gold and green...those would be my gowns. Thanks for taking part in this week's WW!


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