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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekend Report (#37) and Giveaway Winner!

Weekend Report is where I share what I accomplished (book-wise) the previous week! Feel free to join along and post your own Weekend Report on your blog/site. If you do, please leave the URL in a comment below.

What I'm currently reading:

  What I've read this week:

What I think I'll read soon: 

About Swipe:

Everyone gets the Mark. It gives all the benefits of citizenship. Yet if getting the Mark is such a good thing, then why does it feel so wrong?

Set in a future North America that is struggling to recover after famine and global war, Swipe follows the lives of three kids caught in the middle of a conflict they didn’t even know existed. United under a charismatic leader, every citizen of the American Union is required to get the Mark on their 13th birthday in order to gain the benefits of citizenship.

The Mark is a tattoo that must be swiped by special scanners for everything from employment to transportation to shopping. It’s almost Logan Langly’s 13th birthday and he knows he should be excited about getting the Mark, but he hasn’t been able to shake the feeling he’s being watched. Not since his sister went to get her Mark five years ago . . . and never came back.

When Logan and his friends discover the truth behind the Mark, will they ever be able to go back to being normal teenagers? Find out in the first book of this exciting series that is Left Behind meets Matched for middle-grade readers.

Reviews posted this week:
  Current Giveaways!
Three people will each receive the first three books in Michael Jewell's Old Sodus series! (At Home In Old Sodus, Life In Old Sodus, The Big Farm In Old Sodus). Giveaway is open to the US and Canada. Here is the link to enter. 

Enter to win an eBook copy of Rising Shadows by Ashley Townsend!! Open Internationally! 7/17 Here is the link to enter.

Winner will win their choice of one of the books listed. US only. Here is the link to enter.

  Giveaway winners!

The winner of their choice of one of the River of Time books - Waterfall (Print or eBook), Cascade (Print or eBook), Torrent (Print or eBook), Bourne (eBook only), or Tributary (eBook only) is...


  So that's what I accomplished (book-wise) this week, what about you? Please share in a comment below. :)


  1. Goodness girl! How do you keep up with reading all of those books at once? I'd be totally lost on who belongs in what book! I didn't even do a weekend report this weekend. I didn't read one book last week! Isn't that sad? I'm almost finished with one though. It was one of "those" weeks where I don't think much got accomplished reading or anything else. Oh well...there's always next week!

    Julie @ My Favorite Pastime

    1. LOL. :) I just finished Prism and am about 28% done with The Rogue's Reform. I started The Secret Keeper a couple of weeks ago, but am not "really" reading it right now. I'll pick it back up once I'm done with The Rogue's Reform. :)

      I hope next week is better reading wise for you. I don't know if you are in a reading slump or not, but I've been in them and they are not fun! (especially when you have books that have to be read for tours.)

      Thanks for commenting! :)


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