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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Review: Small Town Protector by Hope White

Small Town Protector by Hope White

About the book:


Sending his family away years ago was the hardest thing FBI special agent Garrett Drake ever did. But it was the only way to shield them from a case turned terrifyingly personal. Now a serial killer has come to town. To safeguard his estranged son-and the entire Port Whisper community-Garrett needs help. And that means reaching out to Lana Burns, a captivating woman who cuts through his defenses. Garrett would willingly risk his life to uncover the killer. But to get a second chance at happiness, Lana has to convince the wary agent to risk his heart....
My rating:
My thoughts:

Small Town Protector is the third book in Hope White's "Port Whisper" series and the second book of hers I've read (the first being Christmas Haven back in December).

I found it very nice that some of the characters from Christmas Haven were in Small Town Protector - it was great to find out what was happening in their lives.

The suspense in Small Town Protector was really good - I especially liked how there were little segments in the story where we got to see inside the serial killer's mind, and, since it didn't reveal his/her identity, I feel that it heightened the suspense.

I liked the characters in Small Town Protector: Lana's like an open book and very trusting/kind; Garrett was very protective and it was sweet how much he cared for his son; and Steven (a.k.a. Sketch), who was one of my favorite characters from this book, had a lot to deal with - both emotionally and physically. It was really interesting to see how he reacted to certain things and I liked how computer savvy he was.

There was romance, which is to be expected with Love Inspired Suspense books, and I enjoyed that part of the story as well.

Overall, Small Town Protector was a great book that I loved reading - in fact, I finished it in a day! I didn't know whether to give it 4.5 or 5 stars, but in the end I went with 5 stars. I don't know whether or not there will be another book with these characters, but I'm kinda hoping there will be. There were a few minor things that didn't seem answered in the end.

I recommend Small Town Protector if you enjoy romantic suspense books, but I suggest reading "Witness on the Run" and "Christmas Haven" first - although it probably isn't necessary in order to enjoy this book.

*I received this book for free for my review. I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion - which I've done. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.*


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