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Friday, February 21, 2014

Review: Bellflower (The Heart's Spring 0.5) by Amber Stokes

Bellflower (The Heart's Spring 0.5) by Amber Stokes
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About the book:
Short Story Prequel to Forget Me Not

Spring 1880

Annabelle knows only one way of life. Jacob knows only one way to feel secure. When their paths cross in a Western mining town, can they find a way for love to bloom?

Discover the story behind two hurting hearts in this short but sweet retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

My rating:

My thoughts:

Having read Forget Me Not last month, it was really fun to read Bellflower, the prequel to that story. I really enjoyed getting to see how Jacob and Annabelle met. Bellflower's story does take place in a brothel, so there are some delicate situations. The story ended a bit quickly, but it is a short story, so...

Overall, I really liked Bellflower and some of the similarities to Beauty and the Beast. It was a quick and interesting read! I'm glad I read this book after Forget Me Not, because I think having known some of Jacob's story beforehand improved my enjoyment of Bellflower. I look forward to reading future books in "The Heart's Spring" series.

*I did not get this book for review. I received a free copy from the author for signing up for her newsletter. Get your free copy by following the instructions on her blog post! 
EDIT: I ended up getting a review copy of Bellflower with the bonus story Fairy Slippers. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.*


  1. Melanie, this is wonderful - perfect timing! I actually just published the story on Smashwords today (HERE). :) So readers can download the book for FREE there in whatever format they wish! Would you be willing to share your review there? That would be awesome!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review this short story! Glad you enjoyed getting to know Anabelle and Jacob a little more. :)


    1. I just saw your blog post about that and posted my review on Smashwords, too! ;) I love that you decided to publish it there. :D


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