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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review: Fire and Ash by Anne Patrick

Fire and Ash
Desert Breeze ~ July, 2010

About the book:

Fire Investigator Sadie McGregor has been called to her hometown of Emerald Point, Missouri to investigate a suspicious fire which claimed the life of a local college student. By appearance the fire looks like the girl was just careless. What Sadie and Sheriff Quinn Harrington discover will not only affect those close to them, but will rock the entire community of Emerald Point and put Sadie’s life on the line.Sadie’s life isn’t the only thing at stake. Struggling with the guilt of having been responsible for the fire that killed her family, when she was only seven, Sadie doesn’t feel she’s worthy of God’s love and forgiveness. Will Quinn be able to prove otherwise before it’s too late?

My rating:

My thoughts:

I love suspense novels, so I don't know why I haven't read any of Anne Patrick's books before now! Fire and Ash was so good! It didn't start out with much suspense, but as the story progressed, the tension kept building!

Sadie gets called to investigate the cause of a fire, which kills a woman from her hometown of Emerald Point, Missouri. She soon concludes that it is arson, but finding the arsonist/murderer is going to be much tougher.

I had a hunch about who the real culprit would be, but even though I thought I knew who it was, it was still really suspenseful - especially mid-way to the end.

The characters were great and I loved the romance story between Sadie and Quinn. It was really funny the way they met (Quinn at first mistakes Sadie as a man!). The ups and downs of their relationship made the story more enjoyable to read and I would even like to read more about them (if there is ever a sequel).

The struggles Sadie dealt with made her character all the more believable. When she was a kid, her family died in a house fire - but she survived. She dealt with guilt over not being able to save her family and especially her little brother. There is also another reason - but I'm not going to say what it is because I don't want to spoil it for anyone planning on reading this book!

The ending (involving the arsonist/murder) seemed a little rushed (in my opinion), but it was still overall a great suspense novel that I really enjoyed! :)

I really liked this book and recommend it if you enjoy a good suspense with romance... like I do! :)

*I received a complimentary PDF copy for my review. I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion - which I've done. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


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