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Monday, November 28, 2011

Review & Giveaway: 'Shadows From The Past' by Ashley Dawn

Shadows From the Past (Shadow Series)Shadows From the Past by Ashley Dawn

About the book:

“…It is the price you pay for choosing to be a cop. Your brother’s life…”

Those words haunt her dreams, and her waking moments. LAPD officer, Aurora Kavvan cannot rest until she finds her brothers killer. Digging into the past always brings back unpleasant things: memories, guilt…the hit man. Now she is in a race against time to find the murderer before he finds her.

“Kill her. I don’t care how, and I don’t care where, but I want her dead now!” 

Someone was trying to kill his dead partner’s sister. FBI agent, Jordan Reiley will stop at nothing to protect the woman he loves. Even if it means going against her wishes; putting himself between her and the man who murdered her brother. 

Will God keep them alive long enough for them to find the truth? 

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This was definitely a difficult book to put down! I absolutely loved it! It started out with such a suspenseful and dramatic scene that I, from page one, found myself caught up in the story!

Danger seems to be following Aurora Kavvan everywhere. Years ago, her brother was killed in front of her with her gun - Aurora still blames herself for his death. Now her partner was shot when they were on a stakeout and she would have been next had she not shot and killed the gunman! Someone is clearly after her, but will Aurora be able to stay alive in time to find the people behind these attacks? 

'Shadows from the Past' was so enjoyable to read. I loved the characters and their stories. Aurora and Jordan's love story was very sweet and I hope their story continues in the next 'Shadows' book! This book is also a lesson on forgiveness and how God is in control and nothing happens without it being His will.

If you don't particularly like suspense novels, than 'Shadows from the Past' probably isn't for you. But if you are like me and love reading suspenseful novels, then 'Shadows from the Past' is definitely for you! I loved it (as I've said already) and 100% recommend it!

A great story from a new-to-me author! I look forward to reading her next book 'Shadows of Suspicion'!

*I was provided an ebook copy for review purposes. The opinions I've expressed are my own.*

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  1. Awesome Review!! Another book to add to my must read!!! Love your blog Melanie!!

  2. What a great review and now I want to win it or read it or both. It's the holiday season, wishing everyone a great reading month! From Jackie Paulson at http://thebloggingvalley.wordpress.com
    or email me at jackiepaulson8@gmail.com

  3. http://picketfenceblogs.com/category/lifestyle?similar=4490
    I voted on P Fence too :)
    You are so welcome..
    Jackie :)

  4. Shadows From the Past sounds like my kind of book, romantic and full of suspense!
    worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

  5. This book sounds great! Wonderful review! Great giveaway! Thank you!!

    Gabby @ What's Beyond Forks?

  6. Sounds like a great book! Thanks for the giveaway!

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  7. This sounds great! I'm adding this to my TBR list =D

  8. Sounds like a fabulous book! Donna

    mylife.onestoryatatime @ yahoo.com

  9. This sounds like a great book, and I look forward to reading it. It would be fantastic to win a copy!



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